Refund Policy

MantraFit (A brand of Mantracare.) in any circumstance doesn’t offer cash refunds or credits for any early contract abolition or ask for the refund amount charged for the consultation. For any query related to the charges made from my account, you can contact us at [email protected]. Even if any mistakes were made at the time of charging, MantraFit holds the sole discretion to credit the amount or credit card amount for the appropriate or corresponding amount.

MantraFit has a no refund policy for chargeback amounts. Any dispute found in the payment of credit card then is valid to subject to a fine, suspension, or an account blocking subject to MantraFit discretion. Any chargeback fees and due fees will be sent to the collection amount.

If any efforts made by MantraFit gets fail, the unpaid debts will be reported to the available credit reporting agency. The cancellation made 24 hours prior to the time of consultation will not allow your refund.

MantraFit shall be liable to refund your amount after our moderators do the whole inquiry (when you filed a complaint) about the matter. However, the decision of refunding is totally on MantraFit.

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